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ZENA: Dried Flower vase
Zena is a modern swirl vase with a minimalistic look. When viewed from the side, Zena's swirl-like form transforms into a flower silhouette when looked at from above. Its appearance makes the modern vase suit perfectly with various other shelf decor objects as well. Apart from being a part of aesthetic room decor, its wide nature makes it possible to use Zena as a unique vase for dried flower bouquets. On the other hand, the vase is a unique shelf decor object by itself as well. Zena will be a great addition to your modern home decor! And also, the aesthetic vase is a perfect candidate as a housewarming gift for your loved ones!


Adopting a minimalist style, Zena is 19 cm (7.48'') in height and 14 cm (5.51'') in diameter. The modern vase weighs only 170 gr (0.37 pounds). It appears heavy while it is still surprisingly light! This makes it possible to place the vase in any setting.


Soli Workshop is committed to creating sustainable, eco-friendly products that have a positive impact on both people and the planet. Our choice of biopolymer material plays a crucial role in achieving this goal, and we are proud to introduce our plant-based biopolymer as the foundation of our lighting and home decor products.

What is biopolymer?

  • Biopolymer is a plant-based material that functions like traditional plastics without negative environmental impacts.
  • It is produced from the mixture of sugar cane and corn starch, and does not contain harmful chemicals or toxins. Since it is biodegradable and compostable, it can disappear in nature without harming the environment.


The vase is freshly 3D printed upon request. Thus, you will receive your unique pot with your order. You can use Nardus however you wish, from decorating your home to gifting it to a loved one. Custom orders are also accepted. The vase can be printed in different sizes or colors with the request.
All items are quality-assured and delivered in the best shape. The dried flowers are not included in the package.


• Delivery Fees & Times 
We ship your order with UPS, Fedex or USPS.  These delivery times are estimations based on courier company, the actual times may differ.
Region Delivery Time  Delivery Fee
European Union 4-7 business days $9.90
USA 4-7 business days  $4.90 
UK 4-7 business days $9.90
Canada 4-7 business days $12.90
Rest of the World 8-12 business days $50
• Material
Our home decoration objects made of PLA which is an organic biopolymer produced from corn starch and sugar cane. It is an eco-friendly bio-plastic material. Our color options are marble textured white, nude, silver gray or brown for now. We design our products by using state-of-the-art parametric modelling and produce by using 3D printing technology.
• Custom Order
We gladly offer custom order for your demands! Please send us a message if you have an idea or project we could design. We will design the object and send you a digital file (jpg, pdf etc…) for review and approval.
• Care Instructions
Clean with a wet cloth or under running water, not in the dishwasher. The object itself is not watertight.
Do not keep exposed to direct sunlight. Hot temperature (+ 50°C) can deform the 3D Print.
• Children Safe and Pet Friendly
PLA, the biodegradable plant based material, is chemically inert. It is not harmful to health like other fossil fuel based products.
Our decorative objects are lightweight, but we would say that this unique vase is almost unbreakable. Even if the vase falls, it is hard to be cracked or shattered. If you have children or a naughty pet, the 3D-printed vase is suitable for you.
• Sizing
We have standard sizes which describe in the product description. 3D-Printed items are measured from the outside and the widest point.
If you have a specific custom size in mind, you can send us a message. 
• Problem with your order
Please contact with us for any issues if you have with your order. We will try to find a solution!
• Wholesale availability
Please, contact us for all wholesale request.
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