The process of bringing a design to life using traditional manufacturing methods can be time-consuming and costly, posing a significant challenge for designers. Recognizing this obstacle, we at Soli Workshop turned to a cutting-edge production method known as 3D printing to overcome it.

We have developed our own production processes to harness their capabilities. Each product is made to order, allowing us to easily provide tailor-made solutions.

  • 1. Order

    After your order is place, your product starts to be prepared.

  • 2. Printing

    Your order produces layer by layer in 8-16 hours depending on the product you choose.

  • 3. Assembly

    If you ordered a product from lighting categories, we prepare the cord, socket and plug.

  • 4. Quality Assurance

    Each item checked carefully before shipment.

  • 5. Shipping

    Each purchase is packed carefully for international shipping. We provide worldwide swift shipping.

  • 7. Inspire

    Photos showing how you decorate your living spaces with purchases are also inspiring for us.